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What is Kambo?


Kambo comes from the rainforest of the upper Amazon. It is the secretion of a large green tree frog known as Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog. Its scientific name is Phyllomedusa Bicolor- Phyllo meaning “leaf” and medusa, meaning “guardian”. The kambo frog is nocturnal and arboreal and due to the fact that is has few natural predators, is found in abundance. The only current threat to this species of frog at the moment is the potential destruction of its habitat.   


The most prevalent legend regarding the origins of Kambo comes from Brazil. The Kaxinawa say that Kampum was a powerful shaman that died and became a frog. For thousands of years, Kambo has been used as medicine by their people, and by many other indigenous groups including the Amahuaca, Katukina, Kulina, Yawanawa, Matses, Marubo, Nukini and Mayoruna.


What is Kambo used for?


Every tribe has its own way of taking and giving Kambo. It was used in three way, firstly as a way to cleanse, strengthen and energizes the minds and bodies of the hunters. After taking Kambo, they were able to run faster, for longer, eat less, sleep less and for a period of time, they believed that they would be invisible to the animals they were hunting because Kambo takes away the “human smell” for a while. Secondly, it has been used as a medicine, for Malaria, fever, infections and snake bites. Thirdly, it was used to clear away dark or negative energy known as “Panema”. When Panema is cleared, everything becomes easier, obstacles can be overcome and life flows more naturally. It’s been used for fertility, correcting behavior, to cleanse, detox and strengthen the mind and body, to increase energy, sexual attraction and stamina and to reduce pain. Outside of the forest, Kambo has been the subject of more than two decades of medical research.


Researchers believe that Kambo will open up a new world of treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia, Cancer, HIV, Herpes, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Anxiety, Blood Pressure and Thyroid Issues, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Hormonal issues, Weight loss, Menopause, Addictions, Emotional/Childhood Trauma, PTSD, several auto-immune conditions and so much more.

Kambo has peptides (a short chain of amino acids). These peptides are bioactive and have a very powerful positive affect on the body. Our body has receptors that happily open up to them. There are many peptides in Kambo that you can research more deeply, Phyllokinin, Phyllomedusim, Dermorphins and Deltorphins. Studies have shown that Kambo contains multiple antimicrobial peptides effective against drug resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites and viruses. Kambo is also a natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anaesthetic. It is 30 to 40 times stronger than morphine.


The Caboclo people who are the mixed blood forest dwellers, developed new traditions for taking Kambo. The most well know of these is taking Kambo 3 times in a moon cycle, so 28 days. They believed that Kambo used in this way acted as a vaccine for warding off future ills.


How Kambo is Harvested?


The frogs are harvested after dawn by the natives who also sing and imitate the frogs song. Some tribes don’t handle the frog until the last minute, preferring to cut the branch that the frog is sitting on and leave it on that until they are ready to take the secretion. The frogs are carefully tied by each leg, with straw strings and placed into an X shape. They scrape the secretion and dried on small stick. If the frog is being properly harvested, it is only the first secretions that are taken, which is the strongest. The frogs are released and return to its habitat. They strings leave a tiny white ling on each leg which stops anyone from harvesting the frog again until it has faded which takes 2-3 months.


The frog is never harmed but treated with utmost care and respect as the people that to harm the frog will anger the animal spirits that they live so closely with. Kambo collected in this way is considered 100% ethically harvested.





- People with serious heart problems (stents or arrhythmia are fine)

- People who have had a stroke

- People on medication for low blood pressure (this is extremely rare)

- People who’ve had a brain haemorrhage

- People who have aneurisms or blood clots

- People who lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo

- People with serious mental health problems excluding depression and anxiety

- People undergoing chemotherapy or radio therapy for 4 -6 weeks afterwards

- People who take immune-supplements for organ transplant

- Women who are pregnant or maybe so

- Women who are breast-feeding a child under 6 months old

- People with Addison’s disease

- People with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

- People with current and serve Eplilepsy

- Are recovering from a major surgical procedure

- Under 18

- Animals


Do not fast 7 days before or after Kambo or water fast. Colonics, enemas and sweat lodges should be avoided 3 days before and after Kambo. Bikram Yoga instructors should also avoid teaching to many classes the day(s) before and after Kambo. If you are taking Slimming, Serotonin and melatonin, take 4 to 5 days before Kambo is advised. Caution if you are taking immue-suppressants for auto-immune disorders, GABA or blood thinners.

If you are taking Buffo please wait 6-8 weeks before taking Kambo. Wait 3 months if you have taken Iboga. If you had had a surgery wait 6 – 8 weeks before taking kambo and wait till everything is healed.

If you have any question on any medication or any physical conditions please don’t hesitate to ask. After you receive your first vaccination you have to wait 14 days before sitting with Kambo, you have to wait 28 days after you received your second vaccination.


You must inform us if you have ever or are currently suffering from a mental health condition, regardless of whether or not you are taking medications. If you’re on regular anti-depressants, just don’t take them on the evening before having Kambo the next day. Don’t just stop taking anti-depressants or other medication cold turkey, no matter how good you feel. That will backfire.


After Kambo some conditions may come about, slight fever, cold symptoms, diarrhea for a few days. Please don’t worry everything is resetting. Also emotions may surface and know that to will pass. It’s all worth while and part of the healing process.


If you are booking a private treatment and have a pet, please make sure you have a sitter or the pet can stay in another room without distracting you too much.


Before your ceremony you will fast only for 8 to 12 hours before your treatment.


Too much water will mess with your sodium and electrolyte balance and bears the risk of hyponatremia.



Who will Deliver Treatment?


Treatments will be done by Veronica Gutierrez.

Veronica has been studying the arts of Holistic Health and healing for 18 years. She has made huge life changes, which has brought her much learning and growth. She become a yoga meditation instructor for BodynBrain and taught for 14 years. She completely healed her alcohol abuse, emotional instability and smoking by doing the inner work finding the root cause. She has studies and worked with a few Shamans for 11 years. In 2017 she study under Katt lowe and became a Reiki Practitioner. Also in 2017 she graduated from Integrative Nutrition and became Certified Health Coach. Presently to deeper her growth she has been taught under the divine, powerful guidance of Natascha Berg who has studied for more than 5 years with IAKP. Veronica is now officially a Kambo Practitioner with the IAKP.



The energy exchange for a Private Session is:

                                                     Private session: $333 - 3hrs

                                                                                  $355 for special request in your home - 3 hrs

                                                                                (Travel time are included in price)

                                                    Private session: $900 when booking 3 session in advance 3 hrs

                                                                                (Travel time are included in price)

                                                Group Ceremony: $175 


                                  Bundle Group Ceremony:  $444 when booking 3 sessions in advance - 2-3 hrs

                                                                                ($148 a session) (Travel time are included in price) 


                                               Warrior Initiation:  $444 (3x Kambo within – 4-5 hrs private)

                                                                                 (Travel time are included in price)

Sliding scale, payments plan and other options are available for people who really need or feel called to Kambo, but cant afford the full price. No one is sent away for lack of funds. But please ask about the option beforehand.


If you recommend 2 people, you get 20% off your treament


Additionally a part of all donation/energy exchange will go to the Matses tribe in Peru. The international Association of Kambo Practitioners of which we are a member, helps the tribe with many different things such as appropriate school supplies for the kids, supplements for many kids with malnutrition and medical support. They also additionally benefit from us buying the medicine from them, which encourages the young tribe members, sometimes entire families to learn from the elders how to find knowledge and wisdom about the numerous plant and animal medicines of the rainforest that other wise get lost.


You can book your private sessions at

You can pay with credit card or Venmo @Veronica-Gutierrez-67



After treatment stay mindful in eating healthy, staying away from tabacco, alcohol, meats


Much Love and Kambo Light.


Veronica Gutierrez

Kambo Practitioner

Reiki Master

Certified Health Coach


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