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I had the pleasure and gift of Veronica's healing techniques. I had two, 1 hour sessions with her that brought my arm/neck injury from an intense pain (pain level = 10) and inability to raise my arms laterally, to complete range of motion and pain- free listing (pain level = 2 after one session). She did more for me in one session than a chiropractor did in 5 sessions. 

The week before i prepared to moved across the country, i tore a deltoid muscle and my neck was pulled. She fit me into her schedule within a couple days and came to my home with all her tools. She talked to me through the process, which eased my heart and mind. I was shocked that i was able to raise my arm afterwards. Her healing is all natural healing intelligence. She merely facilitates/accelerates the healing process. 

She is amazing, also very affordable and should really be charging twice what she does for the depth of healing that is experienced after one session. 

Erica Marie Wood

"Veronica is an amazing healer and Yoga Instructor. She is a brighter person and smiling all the time. Just like others members, I really like to take her Yoga classes. After the classes, I always feel so Centered and feel my brain is much more clear and peaceful. Feeling of heaviness accumulated on my spine after working the whole day is completely gone. Her yoga class really saved my life, so I can work more efficiently and peaceful every day. Thank you, 

Peggy Jiang

"My name is Connie C. Oquendo and I am so lucky to have known Veronica for a few years now. I have had Healing session with her for my aches and pains and weakness due to my Lupus disease. She has helped me a lot whenever I had my episodes. Her energy is alwasy so healing and gives me instant relieft. I also enjoy all her Yoga classes, she is one of the best teachers. Veronica has taught me how to take care of my body, inform me on proper diet, exercise and sleep gives us energy and quality of life. She is truly a kind and caring person and I just love her as a person and a mentor.

Connie Oquendo

Kambo Ceremony lead by Veronica was fantastic. She is a gifted guide and facilitator. The ancient warrior medicine she serves allowed me to delve deep inside myself physically, emotionally and Spiritually. Helping to release patterns that i've been attempting to shift for years. Leaving me feeling refreshed invigorated, and reverent.

T.C Oregon

Veronica is an amazing facilitator of delivering Kambo. She has such a great presence and connection w/ the holding a magnificent safe space. Her knowledge in the plant realm runs deep. I was able to go threw a deep release, which I was holding for so long, I feel more clear, grounded and at peace. Ready with conviction for my journey.

j.S Oregon

Veronica's Kambo Ceremony is powerful, sacred and filled w/her love and respect for the human race. She holds egoless and safe space during the ceremony. Her medicine is powerful and gentle at the same time, Allowing the sacred Kambo work through my body and spirit. I got confidence, joy, self love, letting go and new vision from sitting w/ her. i felt blessed this kambo practice found her and work through her.

john Do

I have had the honor to sit with Veronica several times with Kambo. Always a beautiful experience, so kind, so much love and compassion in every-thing she does. i feel so safe in her hands. Safe to do my best work. Comfortable to where i don't have to think about anything, but the process in front of me. My first Warrior Initiation 3/3 was served by Veronica. I have nothing but love for this beautiful soul. 


I have known Veronica for several years, and she came into my life when i was struggling with depression. She would do reiki healing sessions on me often during this time and they were always moments i would eagerly look forward to. She would listen to me, care for me, and heal my spirit every time I saw her. Having a light such as herself in my life is part of the reason why i can proudly say that I am in a much healthier and happier place mentally today. I will never have enough words to express the gratitude I have for what she does and who she is as a human being. If you are looking to shift your energy and be embraced with unconditional love and safey than Veronica is 100% the person to come to. Whether it be a reiki session, Kambo etc. Veronica had the experience, passion and care of offer you the best spiritual experience you can have. it is only through love that we are able to heal and Veronica is love incarnate.


After i had my first session I could already feel the changed within myself. Its amazing how you can feel the change as your changing spiritually, physically and mentally. I feel amazing and connected. It really is an experience like no other and highly recommend Veronica's sessions and Kambo Ceremony.


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